Nissan Rogue Battery Problems & Solutions

The small SUV segment is an extremely competitive space which is why Nissan Rogue is a standout model. Nissan Rogue distinguishes itself with its sharp design, excellent handling and practicality. However, it is not without its problems. Most people think that the biggest issues with the Rogue are due to its transmission. However the Rogue also has serious problems with its battery. This article will look at the most common Nissan Rogue battery problems, and the best way to address the issues. Let’s look at the battery for ourselves, will we?

Nissan Rogue Battery Problems & Solutions

It is the Nissan Rogue uses a 35-2 battery that is a common size in the majority of small SUVs. When functioning properly it is ideal for daily use. The battery can last Rogue approximately 5 years dependent on the weather conditions and usage.

However, a lot of drivers have complained that their batteries have been faulty before due to the issues it has. This battery can be more vulnerable to deterioration than other models, and may require repair or replacement earlier. For instance, a driver claimed the fact that their Rogue car have dead battery within 2 months!

What is the cause of these issues? And what are they appear like?

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How Do I Know My Battery is Damaged?

If the battery of your Nissan Rogue is displaying any of these indicators this is a clear indication that your battery has been damaged:

How do I know my Battery is Damaged
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  1. Warning light for your car battery. It may appear evident, but you should always look at your warning lights prior to conducting any further diagnostics
  2. The engine is slow to start. If the engine is slow to start, there’s an excellent chance that the battery is damaged.
  3. Rotten egg smell. If, upon opening your hood, you smell eggs that are rotten, then your battery could be damaged.
  4. Poor electrics. If you’re noticing that your electrics aren’t functioning like they did before it is likely that your battery has been damaged.
  5. Case of a broken battery. If your battery was subjected to extreme temperatures and humidity, the case could appear to be damaged or cracked. This is a sign that your battery has been damaged.

If you’re not sure whether you’re sure that your Nissan Rogue has a problem with its battery, ensure you consult an expert mechanic. They’ll be able check the battery quickly and in a safe manner and will cost less than you thought!

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Nissan Rogue Battery Problems- Parked Vehicle

When the battery in your Nissan Rogue’s battery is not working while the car is parked, it’s likely due to any of these:

Nissan Rogue Battery Problems- Parked Vehicle
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Batteries Cables: The Battery cable links the battery and the vehicle’s other components. If it is damaged, you could rapidly lose the power. To assess whether your battery cables take a look at the location that they connect to your battery. If you notice an abundance of yellowing, then there’s a high possibility that your cables have been damaged and creating battery issues.

Damaged Battery: There’s an excellent chance the battery is at fault in the event that your battery’s voltage is drained when you park. To determine the condition of the battery in your Rogue, drive your vehicle to a garage where it will be examined. They’ll inform you if your battery is in good condition or if you should purchase an entirely new battery.

Alternator: The alternator functions as a part which charges the battery. Therefore, if it fails or fails to function there’s a chance the battery won’t get charged. To check the alternator it’s necessary to bring the Nissan Rogue to a garage. The price of labor shouldn’t be excessive, however an alternator replacement could cost about $500.

Others components that drain the battery: If you’re fortunate, there may be no issue with the battery in itself and the reason why it’s not holding charge could be because a different component is charging the battery. To determine this, ensure that all electrical components are turned off when you have left your vehicle and remove any parts from the aftermarket if you’re still having trouble.

Nissan Rogue Battery Problems- Moving Vehicle

If the battery of your Rogue is drained when you move it’s most likely because of one of these reasons:

Nissan Rogue Battery Problems- Moving Vehicle
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Alternator: The problem with the alternator can be the primary reason your battery will drain while your car is moving. You can determine this by examining your car’s battery light. If it’s lit you’re likely to find that you’ll require a new alternator. You can also go with you Rogue into the closest garage to inspect the alternator.

Short drives: If you only drive your Rogue for shorter periods of time or distances that are short, it could be the reason behind an over-drained battery. This is due to the fact that the battery is required to consume lots of power in order to start the vehicle. If you don’t take your car for long enough to allow the alternator’s charge to replenish the battery, it can cause the battery running out.

Temperature: If your home is in an extreme temperatures, or cold environment the extreme temperature may be the cause for problems with your Nissan Rogue battery problems. If the temperature is extremely the formation of sulfate crystals around your battery and significantly reduces the lifespan of the battery. Therefore, if you live in a warm or cold climate think about parking the Nissan Rogue in a garage in order to limit its exposure to temperatures.

How to Fix a Broken Nissan Rogue Battery

If you’ve located and identified the Nissan Rogue batter problem, now is the time to address it! Here are a few most effective options:

Replace the alternator: Most of Nissan Rogue’s battery issues result from a defective alternator. One of the best solutions to do is replacing the entire alternator. This can solve most issues which will allow your battery to run at peak performance and again. This may be expensive however, your car battery is vital as replacing the alternator in a damaged condition could leave you stuck on the side of the road!

Replace the battery: Sometimes, the best option is to completely replace the battery. In reality, it can be cheaper than repairing an unrepaired battery. Many drivers have reported that their latest Nissan Rogue battery broke within months after replacing it. It could be a good idea locate a replacement battery with the same capacity. A few good brands include Optima or Delphi. Be sure that the battery you choose is compatible prior to installing it on the Nissan Rogue.

Is it safe to drive with the battery light on?

The function of the alternator is to recharge your Nissan Rogue battery while you are driving. If the alternator isn’t functioning correctly, it may result in the battery being able to draw every ounce of power leaving you in a bind when the vehicle is switched off. 

It is important to switch off radios, the air conditioning, and lights, unless you’re in a dark driving. If the Nissan Rogue battery warning light is illuminated when you drive, make sure to shut off all your devices to ensure that the battery does not get depleted further. 

The light typically indicates that your alternator isn’t operating properly and you’re running solely on battery power. If you notice that numerous warning lights that come on with the exception of the warning light on your battery you should pull over to a safe place when you can. 

Car Battery With Clamps
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It is also possible that the Nissan Rogue serpentine belt has malfunctioned. If the dash lights suggest that the vehicle is overheating, then it’s likely that the water pump is on that belt, too. Another possible sign that could indicate the serpentine belt being reason for the warning light on the battery or a steering issue is when it becomes difficult or is a bit heavy. 

Nissan Rogue Battery Replacement

Removing certain kinds of batteries, especially in the latest models, can be difficult as the hood space within vehicles is shrinking in order to boost performance. Due to this, certain batteries are difficult to locate. You should check the Nissan Rogue owner’s manual for exact information about the location of your battery. Strangely enough, certain batteries are located under the floorboards or in the trunk. However, this is awe-inspiring.

How do you change your battery

  1. Check to see that the engine is turned off. Refer to the manual for your vehicle to find the battery.
  2. Utilize a wrench to unlatch the bolt that is holding the black cable of negative battery.
  3. Remove the cable carefully by pulling and twisting it Be careful not to use excessive force or metal objects to break the cable off the battery. The cable could be damaged.
  4. Continue steps 2 and 3 until you eliminate battery cable that is positive (red) batteries cable.
  5. Find the clamp which keeps the battery in place and take it off using an ratchet or wrench.
  6. In this stage, you’ll be able to remove the battery. Be careful, as it is very heavy.
  7. It is suggested that you clean the battery tray and any corrosion that may be present on cables with an appropriate wire brush and cleaning solutions for batteries.
  8. To put in the new battery would follow the steps listed above.

Nissan Rogue Battery Cost

Nissan Rogue pricing is heavily contingent on whether you’d prefer to install the new battery by yourself. In the past, the hood space has decreased due to the fact that performance of vehicles has improved and this has led to instances where the battery may not be easily identifiable. 

If this is the case, or you’d prefer to have a Nissan expert technician to put in your new battery, then the price of labor can be an additional $20-$40 on the cost of your service, based on the model you choose to. 

Nissan Rogue Battery Problems & Solutions

How Do Nissan Rogue batteries work?

How do car batteries function? The majority of car batteries depend on a chemical reaction between lead and acid to make sure your car is off and up. These kinds of batteries are to be part of the “SLI” category. SLI means “starting, lighting, and ignition.” This kind of battery creates electricity to supply power to your lights, other accessories, and your engine. When the energy is delivered to the motor, your alternator supplies energy. 

How Long Do Nissan Rogue batteries last?

Nissan Rogue batteries usually last between 3 and 5 years, however it varies based on your driving habits, the nature of the battery, conditions in the weather, and so on. You can extend the life the battery of the Rogue batteries by following these steps:

  • Cleansing the posts and terminals of corrosion using the natural cleaning interpretation and the use of a wire brush.
  • Maintaining the battery’s tightness. Do you know that automobile’s vibrations could cause the battery connections to loosen and shake the battery’s parts?
  • Be proactive in testing your battery.
  • The idea of running the Nissan Rogue constantly is bizarre. Do not let your battery go inactive for a prolonged period of time.
  • Keep your vehicle in a secure area away from extreme swings in temperature or weather.

What Are the Best Car Batteries to Buy?

We will be on the lookout to assist you in finding the right car battery for the Nissan Rogue based on your preferences and the way you drive. The most acclaimed car battery brands are DieHard Batteries, Odyssey, NAPA, AC Delco, Duralast, EverStart, just to mention some. This is a vital issue to explain. There are numerous elements that determine which is the “best” car battery, since most battery designs are made with a variety of factors in mind.

Are Nissan Rogue batteries covered under warranty?

The majority of OEM Nissan batteries that are sold at Courtesy Nissan of Tampa are protected by a warranty that could last up 24-months. Contact us at 8138291813 to find the battery you purchased and verify the warranty on your behalf. There are several reasons that a battery may not be covered by warranty. These include:

  • Rogue Batteries that are connected to non-OEM components.
  • Battery Rogue that has been charged.
  • Cracked Rogue Batteries that have cracks.
  • Rogue Batteries that had been physical damaged before inspection.

How Often Should You Replace Your Battery?

Each 3 to 5 years you must test your battery regularly for voltage drops to make sure it’s functioning at a high rate. Automotive batteries usually have 12-13 volts, in the event of a high-performance battery. Anything greater than 13 volts can suggest a problem with the battery.

How do you know if your Nissan Rogue needs a new battery?

The most obvious signs of damaged Nissan Rogue batteries are if your vehicle is slow to begin after turning the key or if your battery connectors and cables exhibit signs of massive corrosion. There may be a clicking sound while turning the key or when your electronic components function but the car isn’t starting. These are all indicators of faulty batteries in the Nissan Rogue.

Final Thoughts: Nissan Rogue Battery

The Nissan Rogue battery will generally last between 3 and 5 years, however that will vary greatly based on the battery’s size, kind of battery, the weather conditions and your driving routines. But even if your battery isn’t dead doesn’t mean that it’s functioning at its peak. 

This is why it’s a pain to check your battery every time you go to an auto repair shop. Examining your battery and cables is an essential part of the process. If you do not check your battery in the event that it isn’t operating at optimum levels, the Nissan Rogue can put pressure on the alternator or starter to boost performance. 

In addition, drawing excessive power to make up for the loss of battery energy could cause your engine to run out of the ideal operating conditions. In the final, this will cost you more to repair. It’s very difficult to get you Nissan battery to function in near-perfect conditions.

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